Baby Shower Blanket

Back in September, before nido opened, Phiona and I orgsusan1anized a knit a baby quilt shower for myself and my Susan2ripening belly.  Hosting nine fabulous women, we gave a mini lesson and churned out swatches to piece together an adorable quilt from Marie Connolly’s The Expectant Knitter.  We used O-Wool Classic, 100% certified organic merino wool in Rust, Slate, Willow and Oatmeal, making simple garter stitch squares to more complex gatepost and diagonal rib squares.susan4Here are the parts all pieced together and snuggling my little Louise.  Little does she know that all my ladies had a part in keeping her warm.  susan5And with the left over bits of yarn, I was able to squeak out a couple of pairs of leg warmers.  This yarn is just amazing and so much softer than what I always think of wool as being.  Each time it is washed, it gets softer and softer, making it even more cozy to snuggle up with.  We carry a great color palette from O-Wool, so the hardest part of a project is often times deciding on which color to use.

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