Conquering Fears of Sewing

I don’t know why but I have always been intimidated to do anything patchwork.  To me, patchwork is a ton of little pieces precisely cut & sewed…hours upon hours of time & well–only for the neat & perfect sewer! I stayed clear of patchwork projects fearing that I had none of the required skills & admired others for their dedication to their own patchwork projects from afar.  NOT ANYMORE! After being inspired by a friends enthusiasm for Suzuko Koseki’s book Patchwork Style, I found myself wandering over to books in the shop that were all about patchwork techniques & projects. I had various conversations with customers about my fear & was encouraged over & over again to give it a try.  They all said how “easy” it was & even though I continued to be a skeptic on Saturday afternoon I found myself looking down at a sweet little bundle of fabric that I had put aside for a simple baby blanket & started cutting out pieces for a patchwork blanket instead…I’m quite proud of my first patchwork project & found that it was as easy as everyone said!  I guess I just needed a little boost of inspiration from all of you…a big hug to Sarah–thanks mama!!




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3 Responses to Conquering Fears of Sewing

  1. staci says:

    Very nice….. good job. I love the colors and the modern look of your project. your quilt looks fresh and inviting and makes me want to make one of my own. inspiring.

  2. Meg Moyle says:

    I fell in love with Burlington after a visit 6 years ago. We will be in the area next month and I am looking forward to visiting your shop..Two of my favorite things…sewing and knitting and not a chain… how refreshing!!