A Trip to Alewives

Eric & I just returned from our Maine motorcycle trip.  It was quite a vacation filled with adventure & good times but one of my highlights was meeting the fabulous girls of Alewives! I stopped in just to take a peek at their shop since I have heard so many wonderful things about them but of course I chatted away about fabric & sewing & left feeling like I had just spent the morning with friends. It was so reassuring to meet another shop owner who has a modern twist on sewing.I think we could have talked for hours!  Very cool girl!  If you are ever traveling the mid-coast of Maine I would highly recommend stopping by  Alewives & saying hello to Rhea.


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4 Responses to A Trip to Alewives

  1. Rhea says:

    Hooray for new friends!!!

  2. Annie says:

    You better have pictures of the inside to show me when I come by the shop!!

    • adminvt says:

      I was so busy making new friends that I only came away with a couple of pictures of the shop! Eric actually took this one while I was inside…

  3. ashley says:

    so glad you had fun! can’t wait to hear all about it!