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The Snack Bag

snack bag

A few weeks ago, Amy Karol from Angry Chicken posted a sewing tutorial video on how to make simple snack bags. I have always wanted to sew up a few bags for Franco but never really made the time to thinking that I had to put on velcro. I know, seems very lazy of me but I have to prioritize here & the velcro was a deal breaker. Enter the Amy Karol tutorial. Simple, easy to make & best of all–no velcro. There was no more excuses, I HAD to make snack bags & now so do you! Watch her tutorial here or follow my written instructions below & whip up your kids a set of snack bags in 20 minutes flat.


Cut out desired amount of fabric snack bags that are 18″ X 7″. I made 6 out of the Beyond the Sea Cloud 9 organic fabric collection.


Hem the shorter ends.  With the WRONG side facing up fold fabric in 1/4″. Press. Fold another 1/4″. Press. Repeat to other side.


Using a 1/4″ seam allowance sew the hem. Repeat to other side.

tutorial 1


With the RIGHT SIDE up fold one shorter end  in 1 1/2″. Press.

tutorial 2


Fold opposite shorter end in so that it touches other end. Press.

tutorial 3


With a 1/4″ seam allowance sew longer ends. Repeat to other side.


Turn right side out & marvel at how easy it is to make a reusable snack bag!

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4 Responses to Back to School Sewing

  1. Anna says:

    Ok, now this is on the list for this weekend!

  2. Cara says:

    Is this fabric food safe? Do you sell food safe nylon?

    • adminvt says:

      hello cara.
      the fabric that i used is organic & food safe as far as i am concerned but everyone has different standards. we do not carry nylon. good luck on your search!

  3. Tina says:

    LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been examining snack bags that I’ve seen sold in stores for WAY more than I’d be willing to pay — thank you so much for posting!