Too Late To Share?


Perhaps it is too late to post about my Weekend Sewing project lead by Denyse Schmidt BUT I finally finished the quilted mini zipper pouch & am excited about sharing it! I was thrilled to be invited to stop by the workshop & meet fellow sewing enthusiasts so I (unfortunately) talked my way through the tutorial at the actual event. Naturally the half finished project ended up in the “to do” pile which, lets face it, grows exponentially bigger every month! After a little rearranging of my studio space I found the purse project & finished it. It only took a few moments & it is so adorable!

Just wanted to share…even though it’s a little late.

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2 Responses to Too Late To Share?

  1. Rhea says:

    That is so cute, Phiona, I love it! I really love your color choices and I’m so glad you finished and shared it. Plus I like your makeup, too!