The DL on Velveteen

mc calls 5975 dress 1

One of the staff favorites here at nido is Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush in velveteen. It’s plush texture & vibrant colors pull you in & leave you day dreaming of possibilities. We are frequently asked what we would make with the velveteen & feel that the home décor weight could be used for SO many wonderful projects! You could re-upholster a chair, make seat cushions or a sturdy bag. Yet is also has a stretchy quality that works surprisingly well with clothing patterns, such as the Mc Call’s 5975 dress that we are teaching at nido later this month. The velveteen even works great for scarves or a quilt! People are also asking a lot about the care of velveteen, which Anna Maria Horner addresses on her blog here, but you should know that the maintenance is less than you think! You can machine wash it & even give it a light ironing.

The velveteen is versatile, unique & easy to work with, so have no fear! The possibilities are limitless!

mc calls 5975 dress 2

mc calls 5975 dress 3

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3 Responses to The DL on Velveteen

  1. Anna says:

    So cute! The fabric, the dress and you!

  2. Heather says:

    ADORABLE!!! Nice pairing with the scarf too!

  3. adminvt says:

    its all about the flair heather–i do believe YOU taught me that! miss you!