Nicholas Scarf

By Aubry

nicholas scarf

This month I’ve been on a Jane Richmond kick. It started with the Autumn hat (which I made a slew of!), continued with the Oatmeal Pullover & Cuffed Mittens & has now landed on the Nicholas scarf. I just find her patterns to be simple, easy to read & not containing too many tricky stitches. They are also very stylish & modern, which can be hard to come by with knitting patterns.
As mentioned, the Nicolas scarf was my latest conquest. It seems to be aimed more towards men, but I made it in O-Wool Classic in Mulberry & it turned out looking perfectly feminine. The pattern has you knit with two strands at once, which I have always LOVED doing because your final piece turns out bulky & cozy without being too dense. When I started knitting I couldn’t see any pattern forming & kept checking to make sure I hadn’t done something wrong. After an inch or so the ribbing began to form & it looks so cute! The ribbing is much more abstract than your usual run of the mill “K2, P2” & the scarf looks incredibly unique.
After trying in on for the first time I didn’t want to take it off. It is much less cumbersome than a traditional wrap around & fits under a coat nicely, which is nice this time of year when we are already wearing so many awkward lawyers. Overall this is about as ideal of a winter scarf as you can get & was quick & fun to knit. Another golden star to Jane Richmond!

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2 Responses to Nicholas Scarf

  1. Emily says:

    So cute! I’m knitting my 1st oatmeal pullover right now, have to keep my hands busy until the sewing machine is unpacked. Miss Nido so much already!

  2. Heather says:

    What a pretty wrap!! Great job Aubry :)