Working in Muslin

Make It Perfect-Kaftan

By Aubry

How many times have we sat down at the sewing machine with beautiful & pricey fabric to try out a new pattern only to not like the finished piece. Perhaps it was too long/too short, maybe we don’t like how one piece looks, or maybe we just flat out followed the pattern wrong! It is so disappointing to spend all that time & material on something that has to be scrapped.
Well, scrap no more! Muslin is your answer. It’s inexpensive & easy to work with & will give you a raw piece to look over & edit. That way when you finally get your hands on that gorgeous fabric you’ve been tucking away your project will come out perfect.
In preparing for spring we pulled out the Shearwater Kaftan pattern by Make It Perfect, (which we will have in stock any day now). Because we have ALWAYS heard that you should make a muslin the first time you sew a new pattern & have never gone that route, we decided to go ahead & make a muslin to see what changes might need to be made. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience! It may seem burdensome to make a piece you won’t wear & will ultimately have to make again, but I didn’t feel that way at all. I mean, I sew not just to make a finished product but also because I love sewing. Working in muslin gave me a chance to sew without the pressure of the final piece. I could examine every stitch (especially since I used red thread, which I do recommend), and appreciate how it all came together without worrying if it would fit. I just sew, sew, sewed! When it was done Phiona & I took turns trying it on to figure out how we would change it to fit our bodies. I decided the chest & shoulder area was too tight, which would have prevented me from wearing the Kaftan. The next one I made a few adjustments to & it was PERFECT! Plus, I had the confidence the second time around that made sewing much more enjoyable.
So lesson learned-even though it may seem like an unnecessary step, making a muslin first is really the way to go!

How many of you make muslins first?

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3 Responses to Working in Muslin

  1. Toni Coward says:

    Hey there – I jumped over from Ashley’s blog and was pleasantly surprised to see my Kaftan pattern all sewn up :)
    So glad you have had fun with it – it looks great!
    Thanks for sharing, Toni.

  2. adminvt says:

    thanks toni–we are so excited to be stocking your patterns this year! we absolutely LOVE the kaftan & will be adding it to our spring class schedule!


  3. toni says:

    wonderful post. i never done muslim for my work….leaning more towards doings it now…