Shedding Some Light On Curtains

curtain w:applique

Many people come into nido with questions about curtains, so I decided to show a few examples from my own home. They are a simple way to spruce up a room and give it a personal touch, as with the doily appliques in my guest room. Otherwise white curtains now have that little something special while maintaining simplicity.

bird curtain

In my bedroom character was added to our curtains by hanging them on a raw branch and adding a bird to the end. It adds a whimsical touch that my husband and I both appreciate. The idea for the branch with the bird came from Meg at Sew Liberated. The curtains themselves easily came together out of two seperate cottons; one  out of home dec weight for the front and one lightweight cotton as backing.

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2 Responses to Shedding Some Light On Curtains

  1. erin says:

    I hung my curtains from a branch too! Might have to find some new fabric for them though. Love your store … discovered it yesterday hooray.