Linnet Patterns

Linnet is a company in Kyoto, Japan who creates original patterns for women. The patterns have a simple esthetic with clean lines & a no fuss fitting. Plus, to make things easier they come with directions in English!  Here are a few of my favorites…

Lin Net N60

N60 Simple One Piece with Roll Colar Tunic

Lin Net Crossed Back Apron

N42 Crossed Back Apron

Linnet N53 apron dress

N53 Kappougi Apron/Apron Dress

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One Response to Linnet Patterns

  1. katharina says:

    I used to live in Japan 20 years ago and their designs remind me so much of my time there. I love to order the patterns that they have for some of the crocheting. However as shipping itself is quite pricey would like to know first whether they would make sense to me – you say they provide English directions. Do you know whether this is also the case for the crocheting? I love the crocheted necklace and wristband in particular.
    Many thanks,