Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Spring

Have I mentioned the excitement that occurs at nido when our UPS guy stops in with our deliveries? It is a serious frenzy  of riping open packages as fast as we can and swooning at new products. It takes a moment to get a good look at everything and then immediately we start talking about what we would make, our favorite colorway and combinations…it just may be one of my favorite parts about my job!

Today a shipment from Seven Islands arrived and among the goodies is Melody Miller’s newest collection Ruby Star Springtime.


bloom springtime

bee springtime

I would like to mention that all 3 colorways of Buzz are still on their way, however if you would like to preorder it you certainly can.

Echino webbing in various colors also arrived today. I see some 30-minute totes in my future!



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3 Responses to Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Spring

  1. corinne says:

    this may be silly, but what do you use webbing for?

    • adminvt says:

      Hello Corinne, There is so silly questions in sewing! Webbing is generally used as strapping for bags and purses and may also be used for leashes and a number of other items. I like to use the echino webbing for simple everyday tote handles.

  2. corinne says:

    thanks! learn something new everyday. :)