What I’m Loving Right Now

By Aubry


Working at nido I pretty much stare at fabric all day long. Jealous? It has its downfalls; just ask my ever-growing fabric stash (organizational tips coming soon!). The nice part of this is that I get the opportunity to appreciate each and every fabric we have here. If I were just passing through this wouldn’t be the case. So, I would like to share with you, the reader and fabric connoisseur, what is warming my heart today: Kaffe Fassett’s Shot Cotton.

Phiona did a sensational job of picking gorgeous jewel tone colors that are beyond inspirational. I tend to gravitate towards darker colors (just ask my mom and she’ll give you an earful about my horrid black and brown wardrobe), but since working here at nido color has been joyfully infiltrating my closet. These shot cottons will be soon. Because of the method of weaving two different colors, one on the weft and one on the weave, shot cloth has such depth of color. You get the benefit of a solid and the perk of color dimension. They look sensational with basic garments like fitted skirts and shift dress, but also can make a quilt pop. So come check ‘em out and I’m sure you’ll find at least one color that speaks to you!

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One Response to What I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks. I was wondering what shot was exactly… It might be just what I need for the piping for Rooibos.