Rooibosh Muslin


By Aubry

At the beginning of the month I took on the Colette Rooibosh Sewalong and just last week I completed the Rooibos in muslin. Good thing too! Had I used good fabric it would have been ruined. While the skirt part fit perfectly, the bust area and armholes were much too tight. Adjusting this requires either going a size up or cutting open the muslin to add inches.

In this case I think it will be easier to go up a size and simply slim out the skirt if it turns out too big. If it was just a matter of the bust being too tight I could simply use Colette’s guide to increasing it, but it is the WHOLE top piece. It seems to be a regular problem that clothing is tight in the shoulders and chest (is it time to perhaps admit that I have broad shoulders? Nah, maybe tomorrow…). Usually a few quick adjustments like a smaller seam allowance work just fine, but the Rooibos is the most fitted item I have sewn to this point. It takes a little more care and consideration with such a garment.

Gosh, am I loving this project though! The idea of creating a final product tailored to you and you alone is like a dream come true.  You might say it makes me okay to *theoretically* have broad shoulders! Also, the little challenges I cam across, like the weird poofs along the shoulder seams and the odd fit, are why I sew. Strange? Well, it’s all about the challenge and the moment when it suddenly makes sense. It’s like leveling up in a video game! Afterwards there is a whole new level open to you… and maybe even a nifty new power.

Great challenge, thanks for the sewalong Sarai.

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