mountain mohair review


Hello all, I just thought I would introduce myself and give a quick review of one of the new yarns we just got in. I’m the new girl here at nido, Stephanie. I love all different fiber crafts, but my focus is mainly knitting.

I was lucky enough to get to play with the new Mountain Mohair from Green Mountain Spinnery that we recently got in and made the Levenwick Cardigan. It is a wonderful asymmetrical cardigan by Gundrun Johnston who designs as the Shetland Trader. The pattern was wonderful and the finished product looks great.


The yarn is really the star of this sweater. I love how the Mountain Mohair takes color. It is really super saturated and did not wash out as some deeper yarns tend to do. The yarn itself is wonderfully rustic. It looks great in the skein and was easy to wind up on my winder and swift at home. There were some small bits of grass still in the yarn but those came out in the winding or while I knit it up. The grass bits are just from the light milling process that the yarn goes through at the mill down in Putney, Vermont.

I finished the sweater off with buttons I found here in the shop. They are a great black shell that look fantastic on the sweater and catch the light to add some interest to the fabric.

nido now stocks Green Mountain Mohair in a wide assortment of colors. The versatility of the yarn is great and we look forward to seeing what our customers create with it.

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