flea market fancy

I have been waiting for Flea Market Fancy to be reprinted for a while now. Ashley has always had an ample stash that she has been kind enough to share bits and pieces of with me. (yes, what a kind friend!) Though it served my need to have just a little bit,(and a little bit more, and a little bit more!)  I was always bummed that I missed the boat on this collection.  It would seem that I get a second chance!  Westminster Fibers decided to reprint the much sought after collection and nido has it all in stock. YAY!

First projects:


Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse top in the bouquet print in, surprise, surprise, grey.


And some fun new pocket shorts for Franco for our upcoming vacation.

Needless to say, Ashley will be happy to know that I have my very own stash of Flea Market Fancy and that she can now count on me if she is ever in need!

Happy weekend indeed.

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