spring time fever

I have never dyed eggs, at least I have no memories of ever doing so, and have never been moved to try and dye them with Franco either. That was, until I saw Christine’s post on how to naturally dye eggs. The photos were so beautiful and the colors of the eggs turned out amazing! I was truly inspired and only 2 days after reading her blog post, I found myself rounding up the troops and having an egg dying party! We went with all 4 colors and made the dyes pretty much exactly as she instructed, (we only had half the amount of beets to use so our red turned out lighter).


I have to admint, it wasn’t very thrilling for the kids since they couldn’t help much and there was a lot of waiting involved. But afterwards they thought they were pretty darn cool.


I think I’ll be packing these for lunch all week long. What a fun spring time treat. Thanks Sarah, Rosa and Meg for taking the time to join us for our very first egg dying adventure.


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2 Responses to spring time fever

  1. Bern says:

    Do you have instructions on how to do this?

    • adminvt says:

      christine has instuctions on her website. just hit the link on her name and it will take you to her blog. i believe you have to scroll down a bit since she has since blogged about other things.