too hot to handle oven mitt

One of my all time favorite inspiration go-to books is Denyse Schmidt Quilts. It has smaller patchwork projects that are very beginner friendly as well as full on quilt patterns. It’s one of those books that we always stock at nido because we have sewn so many projects from it and highly recommend it to our customers.

I bought tomato red pom pom trim years ago with every intention to make the ” Too Hot To Handle” oven mitts from the book but sadly never got around to it until now. And look how fabulous they are! Totally should have made these sooner.

Making things for the kitchen is always very gratifying because they are items I actually use over and over again. With family gatherings on the horizon, new oven mitts will add just the right handmade touch. Up next, “Shimmy, Shake & Bake Apron.”

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