earl grey mitts

I just finished knitting up the Earl Grey mitts from Swans Island. I have been looking at this pattern for a few months off and on as I love the cable pattern on the front of the mittens and the gender-neutral style of them. The Earl Grey mitts are not as long as other patterns, but they are perfect for when you just need to keep your wrists and hands warm from chilly air-conditioned work places. I hadn’t worked with Swans Island Fingering weight before, but I have had my eye on the green-grey Reindeer Moss color that came in a few months ago. I may have a minor color obsession. The mittens are knit using US size 4 needles and pattern worked up surprisingly quickly. The cable pattern was easy to memorize and the ribbing along the back helps keep them snug against the hand. The String Theory Caper sock yarn would also be a great choice for these mitts and the cashmere in the yarn would give them a little bit of added luxury.

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