merchant & mills sewing book

I love myself a good book. At night I read sewing books as if they were novels, marveling over new techniques, projects and oh my, the photographs! Books are a huge part of my sewing inspiration and process. I am always learning something new and for me, the Merchant & Mills Sewing Book offers just that – NEW techniques, machine know-hows and projects.


The first 40 pages go over tools, haberdashery, sewing techniques, using patterns, different materials and how to iron your fabrics best. It’s detailed and chock-full of photographs. The projects include a bolster cushion, duffel bag and apron. The Merchant & Mills patterns call for fabrics that I do not  typically work with such as oilskin, denim and leather but because they provide a through foundation for sewing with various materials, I think I could easilly give it a go.

DSCN1406 Aprons are a go to in my household so I may just have to sew one of these up soon.

Stop by nido and check out the NEW Merchant & Mills Sewing Book for yourself.

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