teacher appreciation gift ideas

Each year I try to make something special for Franco’s teacher. I don’t always make the deadline so this year I am getting a head start! For me, the project can be small, big, complex or simple. With all of the great tutorials out there, the choices are endless, so it’s all about finding the right fit.


Noodlehead: lil’ cutie pouches

berry basket

Noodlehead: fabric berry basket


Noodlehead: snappy manicure wallet


Film in the Fridge: strip quilts


Purlbee: pieced napkins


Purlbee: wrap pocket tote

Three weeks to go and I have a plan. What about you? What will you be making?

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2 Responses to teacher appreciation gift ideas

  1. KarenLR says:

    The days of making teacher gifts is way past for me…all four of my “kids” are now educators themselves! I do love the links you’ve shared, Phiona. The wrap pocket tote caught my eye when I saw it on the Purl Bee. Right now, I’m working on my umbrellaprint challenge…nothing like a deadline to move one forward with a project!
    You say you have a plan…please post pictures of what you end up making?