announcing: heather jones workshop at nido

nido is excited to announce our next artist collaboration, welcoming Heather Jones for a day of color theory and sewing!

Improvisational Linework and Design

$165 *includes catered lunch

Saturday February 6th 10:00 am – 5:00pm

heather jones 5

In this workshop Heather will teach you how to create improvisationally pieced blocks that are a study in linework and the formation of secondary patterns. Using solid fabrics in a range of values and colors, you will create a modern take on traditional string blocks using an intuitive creative process. An added benefit of this technique is that it produces completely unique, one of a kind blocks with a strong graphic quality, and Heather will discuss how fabric placement and color choices affect the design of the block. Students will finish the class with a number of completed blocks that can be used in small patchwork projects or as the beginning of a larger quilt.

Students will:

  • engage in intuitive design
  • learn how to construct improvisational linework blocks
  • learn how fabric placement and color choices affect design
  • learn basics about color theory, including value and hue, saturation and intensity
  • learn how to give a modern spin to a traditional block


improvisational linework and design workshop sample by heather jones


1 yard solid neutral cotton

½ yard of another solid neutral that is a variation of the first color. For example, bright white and cream.

½ yard EACH of three different values of the same color (light tone, medium tone, dark tone) for a total of 1½ yards of this color. For example, ½ yard light blue, ½ yard medium blue, and ½ yard dark blue.

¼ yard of a solid contrast color—can be another version of the other color, an analogous color, a complementary color, etc.

your sewing machine

coordinating thread

fabric scissors


6” x 24” or 6” x 12” quilting ruler

4 ½” x 4 ½” square ruler (optional)

heather joens 2

We are excited beyond measure to have such a talednted crafter join us this winter! Heather’s work  is the epitome of modern, taking traditional work and using color to tell a different story. In her book Quilting Local,  she creatively uses surrounding structures for new pattern inspiration. Be sure to sign up in advance as space is limited and this special workshop is sure to fill up fast.

heather jones 3

Quilt photos courtesy of Heather Jones. 

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