Spinning Tales Recap with Handmade & Woolen

A big thank you to Jennie + Devon from Handmade & Woolen for stopping by to share their stories of becoming videopodcasters as apart of our Spinning Tales with Fiber Folk series.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.28.14 PMWe learned all about the beginnings of their fiber careers in NYC, to finding their new home in Vermont, to the evolution of Handmade & Woolen videocast. We related to so much of what they shared and left feeling inspired to get creating!

This husband + wife team has submersed themselves in all things fiber from knitting, spinning, weaving, shearing and sewing to learning about sheep breeds with plans to have their own flock in the not-so-distant future.

Devon is one of the co-creators behind Rib magazine, a magazine for men and those who knit for them. He previewed samples from the upcoming issue of Rib Magazine releasing in June, that they are shooting next weekend in beautiful Boston.

Jennie has a self-imposed project to create a completely handmade wardrobe by 2020. (So awesome, right?!). Podcasters can get involved in the fun, too, through Handmade & Woolen’s Natural Wardrobe Make-A-Long. This MAL features a quarterly goal of either sewing or knitting wardrobe garments without the use of synthetic materials. You can tune in to hear her weekly progress towards this goal, and learn about other projects and diber happenings both are involved with.

Looking ahead, the fiber duo hopes to bring more attention to wool support in the US. In Rib, Devon hopes to showcase softer natural wool from down breeds and historic US breeds.

Thanks again you two. It was really wonderful hosting you at the shop and having you share your stories with our community.

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